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Sometimes, guys dare one another to do stupid things.

I’m not excusing it, but it happens. Sometimes, it is about physically dangerous extreme sports, or standing up to the boss, or going to that bar (you know, the one where the ladies are very pleased to talk with you).

Anyhow, there is another kind of foolishness: eating the hottest chicken wings in Singapore.

I’ve spoken to many people who know of this bar or that club that has chili chicken wings. And they are hot. Sometimes painfully so. But I have never experienced anything like Buckaroo’s, up north in Sembawang. You know of hotter? Leave a comment, let me know.

Buckaroo’s has the non-spicy wings – good onion rings, good pork spare ribs, good steak, plenty of beer, cocktails, and all that. Normal pub food, and it is good pub food. But then there are the spicy wings. Chili wings. The wings that stupid guys dare stupider guys to eat.

The spicy wings start at Level 1, the mildest. They go to Level 4 on the menu, with a note that you can go to Level 10. You can even go one step further to the “Level To Kill” (these are, to put it simply, deadly). This is a plate of Level 10 wings:

Let’s talk about the Level 10 wings. I’ve been to Buckaroo’s several times, and enjoyed myself immensely. I have also known pain whenever I have been silly enough to go beyond Level 4 on the chili chicken wings. I am the only person I know that has done this twice (which says something, I know).

Imagine the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten in terms of sheer burning chili heat. Double that, add your birth year, double it again. And that is how hot the Level 10 wings are.

While I am not advocating that you undertake this same exercise in self harm, it is truly an experience. If you do choose to undertake this ordeal, you will never forget it :) My only advice is to start with the Level 2 or Level 3 wings first – ease into it. And if in doubt before or after, seek medical advice.

The chili pain of the Level 10 wing starts pretty much on the first bite, and remains with the diner throughout the rest of the meal, regardless of what else is consumed. I stopped when it felt like my throat was closing up (and I know I am not allergic to chili – these are just that hot). The first time I ate Level 10 wings I used my fingers, and I could still feel the tingling burn between them the next day. The second time, I used a knife and fork, and this reduced the affected area to just my lips, tongue, inside of my mouth and throat.

I’ll leave the gastro-intestinal effects to your imagination.

There is other food there – the onion rings are probably the best I’ve eaten (certainly for a long time anyhow) – breaded, not battered, and they come in these neat stacked towers:

There is also a good selection of alcoholic beverages for those so inclined to one or two (and a note to self – stopping at two reduces the chances of succumbing to a dare to eat Level 10 wings, Andrew). This is the Margarita:

And at meal’s end, the group reflects on the meal that was, and everyone feels fairly satisfied. The sensible compliment themselves on stopping at Level 2 or Level 3 wings, and the foolhardy hold their heads high in the knowledge that while they may feel foolish tomorrow, tonight they are the brave few.

Will I go to Buckaroo’s again? Yes, absolutely.

But I will stop at the Level 4 wings, I promise :)

  4 Responses to “Buckaroos, Sembawang: The hottest chicken wings in Singapore?”

  1. These look amazing, but I think I need to go find a glass of milk now…your description and pictures left my mouth burning. :D Great job, cannot see what is next!

    • Thanks Rhiannon.

      And thank you for being the first to leave a comment on my blog :)

      I’ve got a lot of posts planned, and right now, a lot of time to write them – so it is a good time to be creative.

      Thanks once again.

      Best regards, Andrew

  2. I just went there last night. Unfortunately, the place undergoing renovation and people said that they have move out. Does anyone know where are them now?

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