Sep 152012

There are a number of very Singaporean breakfast options that I followed long before coming to live here. Steamed Pau buns, congee rice porridge, paratha/prata and curry – and one of my favourites, Prawn Mee (noodle) Soup.

I know that styles and preferences vary – in my own heart, the perfect Prawn Mee has a rich broth, good noodles, and plenty of extras (bean sprouts, maybe some chicken or pork, and last but not least good fresh prawns).

I’ve grown fond of Prawn Mee here as a weekend breakfast dish here because it is very tasty and fairly cheap.
The best Prawn Mee within walking distance is the one from the Block 701 Tampines St 11 coffee shop.

Block 701 is home to the famous JE Crab Specialist – to be honest I have not yet visited the crab place, but I will do one day. What brings me to Block 701 is the other vendors there, providing authentic local HDB food of very reasonable quality and prices – and the atmosphere is very local. Please note that you have to walk behind the central kopi/beer vendor to find the aunty selling laksa and Prawn Mee.

The best Prawn Mee I’ve had ever, though, goes to Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee near Kallang MRT. Look at the size of the prawns and the pork bones used to make the stock – the broth is the key – it is intense and flavoursome.


As the name suggests, Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee started out on Jalan Sultan in the Kampong Glam area close to Arab Street. They’ve opened more outlets – one of which is on the edge of Geylang, a short train ride from where I live now (near Kallang MRT station).

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