Sep 212012

A friend asked me the other day who I was writing this blog for – was I trying to show Singaporeans something new about their food culture, possibly some out of the way places that aren’t overly popular yet?

Lunchtime crowd, Lau Par Sat hawker centre
I had to think about the answer – I said to be honest that this blog is very new, and most of the readership is definitely my social media contacts outside of Singapore, or colleagues and friends here.

Yours truly, Smith St, Chinatown

The answer I gave, on reflection, was that I wanted to share my enthusiasm about Singapore with whoever would listen. I’ve certainly been sharing and discussing my food journey – the experiences in my life that brought me to Singapore, and what has kept me here since then.

Fried Duck, Bali

To be honest I’m not sure I could claim to have anything new to show Singaporeans about their rich and unique food culture – a Robuchon or a Tetsuya might have something to bring to make this kind of contribution, but I think it would be too big a claim for me to make.

So I will keep sharing that enthusiasm about life and food here. I hope that you get to enjoy it too.

  4 Responses to “Who am I writing for?”

  1. I love following your blog! I might not answer all the time, but I read each post! It’s so interesting to see and get to know a whole different world, you’ve never been to! And good to see you in your post too!

    • Hi Chris,

      thank you for your comment – that is great feedback :) I will be sure to add more pics of myself every so often too.

      Best regards, Andrew

  2. I am definitely enjoying your culinary journey! I love seeing a culture I’m not as familiar with as I would like to be and see what other options to preparing food that there are in other parts of the world! Everything looks so fabulous and since I’m hoping to travel one day, it’s nice to get a heads up on all the best spots :)

    • Thanks Rhiannon,
      Greatly appreciated :) I think it’s hard to fully understand a cuisine without some background to the culture that gave birth to it – I’ll put some background posts together on Singapore and the region. It’s about the food but more than just the food :)

      Best regards, Andrew

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