Oct 242012

Sometimes, there is a difference between representation and presentation. I’ve seen some bad cases of it. This one, this evening, takes the cake.

I’ll keep it simple. Two pictures. This, the promise:

This, the reality:

Can anyone spot the difference between the Subway Singapore Facebook offer and the reality? :)

  4 Responses to “Subway: Say What?”

  1. How very disappointing! I hope you notified the store management or at the very least, link this to their Facebook page so they are aware of the poor attention to detail that their staff obviously has…or that they are false advertising their product! Hope you found something good to eat for lunch, because this could not have been appetizing at all.

    • Hi Rhiannon,

      Thank you for your comment. I have left a comment on the relevant FB page and I await their response – early AM in SG currently so I will not expect anything for several hours yet. No sign of a manager type on duty in the store last night – the servers aren’t empowered to make decisions in such places here so little point confronting them for just following a management direction – I would feel bad doing so, as they are paid so little and treated fairly poorly as it is.

      Like I said on Facebook – my own fault for taking a fast food option in a place with so many other alternatives.

      And honestly, the taste? If I’d wanted a salad sandwich with a megadose of ranch dressing it would have been perfect – my issue was with the almost complete lack of beef on something purporting to be a beef sub, and the total mismatch between the Facebook advertisement and delivered reality. It reflects poorly on them as a brand.

      Best regards, Andrew

  2. oooh! I would be so furious! That is a ripoff!

    • Hi Katie,

      thank you for your comment. And yes, it was a ripoff. It is ultimately about far more than the five bucks and change – what offended me was that this was in response to a social media campaign being run by a large multi-national corporation. If there is a trust issue owing to an unmet promise to deliver, it erodes the “social” in “social media”. That is bad for all of us.

      Best regards, Andrew

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