Oct 272012

Before coming to live in Singapore last year I had spent some time in the region with work. One of the local dishes that I came to love was Ice Kacang – basically a shaved ice and fruit/sugar syrup dessert. I even found a couple of places that made it in Australia – but like many other Asian delicacies there it was sadly of inferior quality at a somewhat superior price.

This version of Ice Kacang is topped with Mango and Durian fruit:

Mango Durian Ice Kacang

This is the more common form of Ice Kacang, topped with sweet red beans – layers of shaved ice, palm nuts (like jelly beans), pandan jelly threads, red beans, gula melaka (palm sugar), and some sweet fruity sauce:

Ice Chendol is named after the green pandan jelly threads made by dripping into water – they look like little green glowing worms:)

One of the local Kopitiams does a sundae-like Ice Chendol in a glass – it is served with a plastic spoon and thick bubble tea straw:

This picture shows you detail of the layers – from the bottom up, they are gula melaka, shaved ice, chendol threads, red beans, more shaved ice, and more gula melaka syrup. Very tasty and refreshing – and also very sweet :)

This shows you detail of the chendol threads and the two types of sweet bean used in this particular Ice Chendol – many just use the smaller red bean, but this one includes larger kidney beans as well:

The cost of both is minimal – normal Ice Kacang is usually around SGD1.80, the Durian version around SGD2.70 – and Ice Chendol is rarely more than SGD2.00.


  7 Responses to “Dessert Favourites: Ice Kacang and Ice Chendol”

  1. They look very interesting. Bet they are so very good on a hot day.

    • Hello Star,

      thank you for your comment. They are very good on a hot day – and I think it is fair to say that we get a lot of hot days here :)

      Best regards, Andrew

  2. Oh that looks so delicious!! I wonder if you can get that here at one of the Asian restaurants. :)

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard of either dessert in North America – there is a Filipino dish called halo-halo which is similar and might be more common. I hope you get to try it soon :)

      Best regards, Andrew

  3. What is the price of ice kacang durian ?

  4. Hi. Thank you for sharing.

    Can I know where I can find this dessert in singapore?

    Best Regards,

  5. Which shop in Singapore is this at? Would love to try! (:

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